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Confusing. Wrong. Evasive. Arrogant. Deceitful. Misleading.

Fauci has undermined the public trust through confusing messages. He admitted to misleading us about masks early in the pandemic. He has shown disdain for the Congress and its proper oversight role over the Executive Branch. He has constantly moved the goalposts on an exhausted public. And we’ve had enough.

Through this entire pandemic, Fauci is the one constant. We’ve changed presidents and control of Congress. Virtually everything in Washington has changed except one guy: Dr. Anthony Fauci. He’s been there from the beginning, and we’ve now had more deaths under Biden than we did under Trump. Why does Fauci believe he should be above questioning when his record is one of absolute failure?

Fauci is not supposed to be a politician or celebrity, but that’s clearly what he wants to be. He spends more time in TV green rooms than he does in reading the latest data, or in ensuring that we are “following the science” instead of liberal special interest groups. He even had time to sit for a photoshoot for a fashion magazine while hundreds of thousands of his fellow Americans were dying. And if you ask him a question about any of it, he acts as though he’s horrified and offended that anyone would dare question him. Remember when he said that anyone questioning him was questioning “the science?”

How arrogant can one person be?


His repeated deceitful conduct—admitted!—must stop now.

As the top Republican on the Health subcommittee, Brett is fighting for a Republican majority in the upcoming election to give the GOP the power to subpoena Fauci immediately. He must be held to account for his failures. When the Republicans win this November, Congressman Brett Guthrie will be tip of the spear in finally getting answers from someone who owes an explanation of his failures to the American people: Dr. Anthony Fauci.